AOW pension

Do you plan to live or work outside the Netherlands before you reach the AOW pension age?

This could affect the amount of AOW pension you get when you reach the AOW pension age.

A reduced AOW pension

As a rule, if you start living or working outside the Netherlands, you will cease to be covered under the AOW old age pension scheme and the Anw survivor benefit scheme. You will then get a reduced pension when you reach your AOW pension age. In addition, your partner will not be entitled to an Anw survivor benefit if you pass away. You can avoid these consequences by taking out voluntary insurance.

If you stay abroad for a long period of time, we may have to stop your pension payments.

Working outside the Netherlands temporarily

If you work outside the Netherlands temporarily for your employer, you will normally stay insured under the AOW and Anw schemes. In that case, you will need a secondment certificate from your employer.