AOW pension

Verification of benefits paid to people living outside the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands and you are receiving an AOW old age pension, we will ask you once or twice a year to fill in a form about your personal situation. You will be asked to answer some questions, for example, about your partner's income, your domestic situation, or to send us an official life certificate.

A life certificate

Your AOW pension entitlement will end in the event of your death. To check that you are alive, we will send you a form that must be completed and signed by a competent authority, for example, your municipality, the police, or a notary public. Precise instructions will be given in the letter enclosed with the form. In some countries, special arrangements are in place to carry out check, or we receive the necessary information in some other way.

Your partner's income

If you receive a supplementary allowance for your partner on top of your AOW pension, we will send you a form for reporting your partner's income each year. You will also have to report any changes in your partner's income by letter or via My SVB because your entitlement to supplementary allowance depends on your partner's income.

Your domestic situation

If you are unmarried and living alone, you will be entitled to a pension at the rate for a single person. If you live with another unmarried adult and you take care of each other, you are considered to be sharing a household, and you will be entitled to a pension at the rate for a person living with a partner. From time to time, we will send you a form to check whether your pension rate matches your domestic situation, and in some cases, we also pay house visits.