AOW pension

Reporting a change if you live in the Netherlands

You must report changes in your situation within 4 weeks.

  • Changes your municipality in the Netherlands reports to us

    If you live in the Netherlands, the municipality (gemeente) where you live will inform us of the following changes. (It is important that you report these changes to your municipality on time.)

    • You and your partner, if applicable, move to another address in the Netherlands
    • You get married in the Netherlands
    • You enter into a registered partnership
    • Divorce
    • You get a new nationality
    • Death

You must always tell us if one of the following changes occurs.

  • Your domestic situation
    • You no longer live at the same address as your partner
    • You and your partner have lived together without being married and you are now going to separate
    • You have lived alone but you are going to start living with someone
    • Someone has come to live with you and your partner
    • You are going to stay at another address temporarily
    • You have separated from your partner
    • You have separated from your partner but your partner is going to start living with you again
    • You have separated from your partner and you are going to live with someone else
    • You start to rent out a room in your house or provide board and lodging
  • Your personal situation
    • You enter into a cohabitation agreement
    • You get married or enter into a registered partnership outside the Netherlands
    • You get divorced outside the Netherlands
    • You separate from your partner
  • If you move to another country
    • You are moving to another country
    • You and your partner are moving to another country
    • You or your partner is moving to another country, and one of you continues to live in the Netherlands
  • Income (AOW supplementary allowance)

    If you qualify for a supplementary allowance on top of your AOW pension, you will have to provide details of your and your partner's income so that we can determine the amount you can receive.

    Income from business activities or from outside the Netherlands
    If you or your partner receive income from your own business or self-employed activities or from a country other than the Netherlands, you will be obliged to report any changes in that income yourselves.

    Income from wages or benefits
    If you receive income from wages or benefits in the Netherlands, the Dutch Tax Administration will provide us with the details. We would still advise you to inform us yourself if there are any increases to your income with the exception of small yearly or half-yearly rises. This is important because the details held by the Tax Administration are at least 2 months old. It will ensure that you do not receive too much AOW pension which you later have to repay. 

    You must report the following changes:

    • Your partner’s income increases or decreases
    • Your partner has a new source of income.
    • Your partner no longer has income
    • Your and your partner's joint income falls below €2,627.56 gross per month
    • Your and your partner's joint income was less than € 2,627.56 gross per month but is now going to increase.
  • Imprisonment or detention
    • You go to prison or enter a detention centre or a closed treatment facility
    • You are ordered to go to prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility, but you refuse to go

Avoid a fine

Avoid a fine by reporting changes on time.

If you do not comply with the rules

Read the information provided carefully to make sure you know what your obligations are.