AOW pension

What changes do you have to report?

Not all changes that you report to your Dutch municipality are forwarded to us automatically. 

Please make sure you know which changes are forwarded to us by your Dutch municipality and which changes you need to report to us yourself.

  • Changes your municipality in the Netherlands reports to us

    If you live in the Netherlands, the municipality (gemeente) where you live will inform us of the following changes. (It is important that you report these changes to your municipality on time.)

    • You and your partner, if applicable, move to another address in the Netherlands
    • You get married in the Netherlands
    • You enter into a registered partnership
    • Divorce
    • You get a new nationality
    • Death

Changes you must report to us yourself

Which changes you need to report depends on where you live.

Make sure to report changes on time

You must report changes to us within 4 weeks (6 weeks if you live outside the Netherlands).