AOW pension

If the SVB's decision is late

The SVB is obliged to issue a decision on your claim, request for review or notification of a change within a certain time limit. If the SVB fails to do so, you may be entitled to compensation.

What is the time limit for a decision?

In the letter confirming receipt of your claim or request for review, we will state how long you can expect to wait for a decision. If necessary, we may extend the time limit for a decision by a number of weeks. In that case, you will receive a letter informing you of the new time limit. If you do not receive a decision by that date, the decision is overdue.

If you have not received a decision within the stated time limit

If you have not received a decision within the stated time limit, you can send us a letter to inform us that our decision is overdue. After we receive your letter, we will try to send you a decision within two weeks. If we are unable to do so, you will be entitled to compensation starting the day after that two-week period.

Compensation amount

p>The amount of compensation you receive depends on the number of days the decision is overdue. Compensation is not payable for the first two weeks after we have received your letter. After that, you can receive €23 per day for the first 14 days, €35 per day from the 15th day to the 28th day, and €45 per day from the 29th day to the 42nd day. Compensation is payable for a maximum of 42 days, and is always paid after the 42-day period has ended.