AOW pension

If you do not comply with the rules

You are obliged to inform us of changes in your personal situation because the amount of your pension or benefit depends on your personal situation.

Give us the information we ask for on time to avoid problems. If you do not do so, you run the risk of being fined. We may even set up a fraud investigation. Read the information we provide carefully to make sure you know what your obligations are.

Changes you need to report

If you live in the Netherlands, you should report changes within 4 weeks so that you never receive too much AOW pension. If you live outside the Netherlands, you have 6 weeks in which to report changes. As soon as you report a change, the SVB will reassess your entitlement.

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How does the SVB check your details?

We check the details you provide. For example, we check with the municipal population register how many people are registered as living at your address. Even if you do not report changes, we will still check your details.

We may visit you at home

If we are informed that your domestic situation has changed, we may visit you at home to check this.

Checking information on the internet

We carry out thousands of checks every year. In some cases, we look for information in public sources on the internet, such as social media or Google.

What we look for on the internet

We search the internet for public information about people or companies, for example, to check whether a claimant complies with the rules and receives the correct amount in AOW pension or other benefit.

Situations we check on the internet

Sometimes we receive indications that a person may be breaking the rules. These indications may come from different sources, for example, from comparing databases or because someone reports a suspicion. We will then carry out an internet search to determine whether there is cause to conduct a furhter investigation. If we suspect that the rules have been violated, a more detailed investigation may be undertaken. Before carrying out an internet search, we make a balanced decision whether the invasion of privacy is proportional to the gravity of the alleged infringement and the requirement to pay out the correct amount. We also consider whether other ways of investigation require an unreasonably larger effort. The decision to conduct an internet search is always documented.

The personal data we check on the internet

Internet searches may focus on the following:

  • a client's identity
  • housemates or other people living at the same adress
  • home address
  • income details
  • capital and assets
The purpose of this information is to find out whether you are receiving the correct amount.

Accuracy of information

We never base a decision on an internet search alone. We always conduct a further investigation to verify the information we found on the internet.

When will you be informed?

You will be informed once the investigation has been completed and a decision has been taken. You have the right to request a review of the decision.

Checks outside the Netherlands

With respect to clients living in the Netherlands, the SVB is automatically informed by municipal authorities about important events such as births, marriages, divorces and deaths. If you live outside the Netherlands, we will not receive this type of information for you. That is the reason we send clients outside the Netherlands an annual life certificate, which has to be completed and signed by a competent authority, e.g. your municipality or a notary public.

Are you staying outside the Netherlands temporarily?

You must always let us know if you will be outside the Netherlands for a long period of time, as this may affect your pension or benefit. 

If you are often outside the Netherlands for long periods, the SVB may no longer consider you to be living in the Netherlands, even if you are registered at an address in the Netherlands. We take account of where you are actually living. If we have reason to believe that you are no longer living in the Netherlands, we may stop or adjust your pension or benefit.

For certain countries, Dutch survivor benefit and child benefit is adjusted to the price level of the country in question. If you or your child lives in one of these countries, you may receive a lower amount in survivor benefit or child benefit.

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If you receive too much money from the SVB

If you receive too much pension or benefit from us, you must repay the amount that was overpaid. If the overpayment occurred because you gave incorrect information or because you withheld information, you will also be fined. The standard fine is 50 percent of the amount overpaid in pension or benefit, but a fine may also be less or more depending on, for example, the reason you did not report the change on time, and whether you have failed to report a change on time before.

For amounts over € 50,000, the SVB will set up a fraud investigation. If necessary, the SVB will report a case of fraud to the Public Prosecutor. It is therefore very important to report changes to us within 4 weeks, or 6 weeks if you live outside the Netherlands.

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If you are suspected of fraud

If we suspect fraud, we can request information from other organizations and from your bank. We can do this if we have permission from the Public Prosecutor. If our investigation shows that you may have committed fraud, you will be called up for a hearing.

The hearing procedure

The purpose of the hearing will be to find out whether you have made an error and if so, whether the error was deliberate. You wiIl have the opportunity to clarify your position, and we will ask you to explain anything that may be unclear to us. You can bring a lawyer with you if you wish. You will receive a report of the hearing.

Public prosecutor

If it appears likely that you have committed fraud, we will report the case to the Public Prosecutor. The court will then decide whether or not you are guilty of fraud. If the Public Prosecutor decides not to prosecute, you will still have to repay the overpaid amount to the SVB. You may also be fined.

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If you wish to report a case of fraud

If you think someone is receiving too much pension or benefit from the SVB, let us know. You can do so anonymously, or you can give us a phone number so that we can call you back for more information.

Fraud involving an SVB pension or benefit

You can report suspicion of fraud involving an SVB pension or benefit using the online form below or by calling the SVB on 030 - 264 9880.

If you prefer, you can print out the fraud notification form and send it in by post fraudemeldformulier (pdf, 441KB).

Fraud involving a PGB personal budget

You can report suspicion of fraud involving a PGB personal budget using the online form below or by calling the SVB on 030 - 264 9880.

If you prefer, you can print out the fraud notification form and send it in by post fraudemeldformulier PGB (pdf, 597KB)

We are not allowed to inform you about the results of an investigation because we are obliged to protect the privacy of our clients.

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