AOW pension

When will you get a supplementary allowance for your partner?

The AOW supplementary allowance for partners who had not yet reached the AOW pension age was discontinued on 1 April 2015 for new AOW pensioners. If you started receiving a supplementary allowance before then, you can continue to receive it as long as your partner's income does not exceed the limit for payment of a supplementary allowance.

You will not get a supplementary allowance if you:

  • started receiving an AOW pension on or after 1 April 2015, or
  • started living with a partner on or after 1 January 2015, or
  • were not entitled to a supplementary allowance before 1 April 2015 because your partner's income was too high. You will not be able to receive a supplementary allowance in the future, even if your partner's income drops or ends altogether.

If you already have a supplementary allowance

If you are currently receiving a supplementary allowance, you can continue to receive it for as long as you meet the following conditions: 

  • Your partner had not yet reached the AOW pension age.
  • You and your partner were married, in a registered partnership or living together before 1 January 2015.
  • You live in the Netherlands, or a country with which the Netherlands has an agreement on the verification of entitlement to benefits.
  • Your partner has either no income or income which does not exceed the following limits:
    • € 1,473.17 gross per month for income from work (such as salary or profit from business activities).
    • € 818.55 gross per month for other income (such as a pension or benefit).

Your supplementary allowance will stop once the conditions are no longer met.

Normally, you will lose your supplementary allowance permanently if the conditions are no longer met. You will not be able to receive it again in the future, even if the conditions are met again. However, there are a few exceptions.

The supplementary allowance will also stop if you or your partner dies.

You may be able to receive an AIO supplement

If you live in the Netherlands, do not receive a full AOW pension, and have little or no income apart from your AOW pension, you may qualify for a supplement on top of your pension: the AIO supplement.