AOW pension

Other pensions

The AOW is a basic state pension. Apart from the AOW pension, you can build up rights to supplementary pensions through employers or private pension schemes.

Pension through your employer

If you are employed, you are probably building up rights to a company pension through your employer. Your employer, and you yourself, in most cases, will pay a monthly contribution into a pension fund. When you retire, the pension fund will pay you a pension. Your employer can tell you whether you are building up a pension, and, if so, how much you can expect to receive. You can also view details of your pensions at the website (only available in Dutch).

AOW deductible

Your pension fund takes account of the fact that you will receive an AOW pension. You will therefore not build up pension rights on your whole salary. The part of your salary on which you do not pay contributions is known as the AOW deductible. The amount of the AOW deductible differs between pension schemes. For more information, contact your employer or your pension fund. 

Pension through previous employers

If you have previously worked for other employers, you will probably have built up pension rights under different funds. For an overall picture of your pension rights, visit the site (only available in Dutch) or contact the pension funds concerned.

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Pension from outside the Netherlands

If you have lived or worked outside the Netherlands, and you were not working for a Netherlands-based employer at the time, you may have built up pension rights outside the Netherlands.

If you have not yet reached your AOW pension age, you will have to contact the pension agency in that country for information about your non-Dutch pension.

If you have already reached your AOW pension age, in many cases, the SVB will arrange for your claim for a basic pension from another country. We will do this at the same time as we process your AOW pension claim. NB: we can only do this for the following countries:

If you have lived or worked in a country not mentioned above, you must contact the pension institution in that country yourself. If you have built up a company or a private pension outside the Netherlands, you must contact your former employer or the the pension fund concerned.

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