AOW pension

Changing your bank account details

You can change your bank account details quickly, easily and safely online via My SVB using your DigiD code with SMS verification. Or you can use the DigiD app.

How to change your bank account details.

Go to My SVB and select: 'Ik wil inloggen met een extra controle via sms' (I want to log on with additional SMS verification) or 'Ik wil inloggen met de DigiD app' (I want to log on with the DigiD app).

How soon will the change take effect?

If you let us know your new account number before the 13th day of the month, the next payment will be made to your new account

If you do not yet have a DigiD code with SMS verification

Go to and log on to 'Mijn DigiD' with your username and password. Select 'Extra controle via sms instellingen' (Additional verification by SMS code) and then ‘Controle via sms aanvragen’ (I want to apply for SMS verification). Your activation code will be sent to you by post within 3 days. After activating the SMS code, you can log on to ‘My SVB’ by selecting 'Ik wil inloggen met een extra controle via sms’ (I want to log on with an SMS code) and change your account number.

If you do not yet have the DigiD app

First, you must download and activate the app. You can read how to do this at