Anw survivor benefit

What we mean by 'living with a partner'

The SVB will consider you to be living with a partner if you:

  • spend more than half your time in the same house as someone aged 18 or over and you
  • share the household costs or
  • take care of each other

We refer to the person you share a house with as your 'partner'. This could be your husband, wife or friend, or a brother, sister, or grandchild.

If you start living with a partner, your Anw benefit will stop. 


If you live in the same house as another person, you can continue receiving Anw benefit in the following cases:

  • you have a commercial relationship
  • you live with your own child, or a foster child or stepchild
  • you live with a grandchild under 18
  • you share your house with a co-resident (aged 21 or over)
  • you start living with someone in order to care for them, or because you need care