Anw survivor benefit

If your partner has died

If your partner dies

If your partner dies, you are bound to go through a difficult time. You will have to deal with all sorts of things, and it may be very hard to focus your mind. Your partner's death may also have financial consequences for you. The government has created the Anw survivor benefit scheme to ensure that survivors have a basic income. The SVB will see to it that you receive the right amount on time.

When can you get an Anw survivor benefit

You will get an Anw survivor benefit if:

  • your late partner lived or worked in the Netherlands, and
  • you have not yet reached the AOW pension age, and
  • you meet one of the following conditions:
    • you look after a child under 18, or
    • you are at least 45% incapacitated for work

It makes no difference whether you were married to or living together with your late partner

If you have child under 18

You can get an Anw survivor benefit if:

  • you look after a child (your own child, stepchild or foster child), and
  • the child belonged to your household at the time your parter passed away

Other income may be deducted from your survivor benefit

If you do not have other sources of income, you will receive the full amount of Anw survivor benefit. If you do have other income, it will depend on the type of income whether it is deducted from the survivor benefit fully, partly or not at all.

Find out whether you can get a survivor benefit

If you would like to know whether you can get an Anw survivor benefit

Was your partner insured in a country other than the Netherlands

If your partner was not insured in the Netherlands through voluntary insurance on the date of death but was insured in another EU country or a country with which the Netherlands has a social security agreement, you may be able to receive a partial Dutch Anw benefit if:

  • your parter lived or worked in the Netherlands previously, and
  • your partner was insured under the survivor benefit scheme in the country where he or she lived, or
  • you receive a state survivor benefit from the country where your partner lived.