Anw survivor benefit

You move house

Moving house within the Netherlands

You do not have to let us know if you move to a different address within the Netherlands; when you report the change of address to your municipality, they will inform us of your new address. If you start living with someone, however, you do have to inform us because it may affect your Anw benefit.

New address outside the Netherlands

You should always inform us if you move abroad, or if you live abroad and move to a new address.

If you live in an EU or EEA Member State or Switzerland, you will continue to receive the full amount of your Anw survivor benefit. In other countries, you may not be able to receive an Anw benefit, or the amount may be lower if the costs of living in your country are lower than in the Netherlands.

What else will change?

  • In some countries, you have to pay tax on your Anw benefit. In that case, we will not tax your benefit in the Netherlands. 
  • You have to pay a different contribution under the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw). If you receive a care allowance, that may also change.
  • You will no longer automatically be insured under the AOW scheme.
  • If you get child benefit (AKW), that will probably stop.

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