Anw survivor benefit

Payment if you live outside the Netherlands


You can receive your Anw benefit in a non-Dutch bank account if you live in a country to which the SVB is allowed to make Anw benefit payments. Payments may take a few days to arrive in your account, depending on your bank and the country where you live.

Anw payments in other currencies

In some countries, your Anw benefit will not be paid in euros but in another currency. The net amount that you receive may be different each time, depending on the exchange rate.

Charges for payments outside the Netherlands

It costs money to pay your benefit outside the Netherlands:

  • The SVB pays these costs for payments to EU and EEA countries, and to Australia, Israel, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.
  • For payments to Canada, New Zealand, United States of America and South Africa, the SVB will deduct € 0.02 from your benefit.
  • In the case of all other countries, and for cheque payments, the SVB will deduct € 0.48 from your benefit.

Your own bank may also charge administration fees. The amount charged varies between banks. The SVB has no influence on this. If you receive a small amount from the SVB, you can opt to have your pension or benefit paid quarterly or annually to save on bank charges.

Quarterly or annual payment of Anw benefit

If your monthly benefit amount is small, the extra charges may be disproportionately high. You can therefore choose to have your benefit paid on a quarterly or a yearly basis. You can contact your SVB office for more information about this. NB: it is not possible to have your Anw benefit paid out as a lump sum.