Anw survivor benefit

When does entitlement to survivor benefit stop?

You have reached the AOW pension age

When you reach the AOW old age pension age, your Anw survivor benefit will stop. You may then be entitled to an AOW pension. NB: the AOW pension is calculated in a different way to the Anw benefit. To qualify for an AOW pension, you must have built up rights to the pension by living or working in the Netherlands. If you have not always lived or worked in the Netherlands, you may find that your income drops considerably after you reach the AOW pension age.

Your civil status or domestic situation changes

Your survivor benefit will stop if your civil status or domestic situation changes because you:

  • get married
  • enter into a registered partnership
  • start living with a partner

If you start living with a partner, your survivor benefit will not end definitively straight away. If you decide to start living on your own again within 6 months, you will start receiving your benefit again.

Your household no longer includes a child aged under 18

Your survivor benefit will stop if:

  • your youngest child turns 18, or
  • your child starts living with another family

You are no longer incapacitated for work for more than 45%

Your survivor benefit will end if you were born on or after 1 January 1950 and you are no longer incapacitated for work for more than 45%.

You have been held in detention for more than a month

Your survivor benefit will stop if you have been held in prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility for more than a month. 

If you have been released from detention or imprisonment, you can start receiving Anw benefit again as from the day of your release. In that case, you must send us a copy of your proof of release.

Different rules apply if you were receiving an AWW widow's pension until 1 July 1996.

If your AWW widow's pension was converted into an Anw survivor benefit on 1 July 1996, different rules apply. Please contact us if you require more information about this.

  • You can send us a question in the following ways

Report changes on time

If you receive an Anw survivor benefit and there is a change in your situation, you must report the change to us within 4 weeks (6 weeks if you live outside the Netherlands). You will then always receive the correct amount.