Anw survivor benefit

Reporting a change if you live outside the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands, you must report changes in your situation within 6 weeks. You will then always receive the correct amount.

What changes do you have to report?

  • A change in your domestic situation or family circumstances
    • A child is leaving home
    • A child moves in with you
    • A child starts living with a partner
    • A child gets married or enters into a registered partnership
    • There is a change in parental authority over a child
    • A change in the foster care of a child
    • A child is adopted
    • A child dies (you should enclose a copy of the death certificate)
    • Your nationality changes
    • You get married or enter into a registered partnership
    • You are going to start living with someone
    • Someone moves in with you (multi-person household)
    • Someone leaves your address (multi-person household)
    • You start renting out a room or start renting a room yourself
    • You or a child moves to another address
    • You or a child starts living outside the Netherlands
  • Your income changes
    • Your other income goes up or down
    • You have a new source of income
    • You no longer have other income
    • You start receiving a non-Dutch survivor benefit
  • Incapacity for work
    • You have been declared fit for work
    • You have been incapacitated for work and are going to start working again
    • You become less than 45% incapacitated for work
  • Imprisonment or detention
    • You or your child is sent to prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility
    • You or your child is ordered to go to prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility, but refuses to go

Avoid a fine

Avoid a fine by reporting changes on time.

If you do not comply with the rules

Read the information provided carefully to make sure you know what your obligations are.