Anw survivor benefit

Anw survivor benefit and other income

Your Anw survivor benefit may be reduced if you receive other income. Depending on the type of income, other income you receive may be disregarded, or deducted from your Anw benefit in part or in full.

An orphan's benefit will not be affected by other income you receive.

Income which is not deducted from your survivor benefit

  • A supplementary survivor pension from a pension fund or insurance company
  • A survivor pension from your partner’s annuity
  • Interest
  • Dividend
  • Savings

Income which is deducted in part from your Anw benefit

  • Income from employment
  • Income from own enterprise
  • Pension or early retirement pension

The amount of your Anw survivor benefit is calculated as follows:

  • The first € 807.90 of your income is disregarded.
  • Two thirds of your income above € 807.90 is deducted from the survivor benefit.
  • In other cases, you will not get an Anw survivor benefit if you earn more than € 2,614.49 per month.

An example:

You earn € 900 a month. The first € 807.90 is disregarded. This leaves € 92.10. Two thirds of that amount is € 61.40. That is the amount we will deduct from your Anw survivor benefit.

Income which is deducted in full from your Anw survivor benefit

  • An unemployment benefit (WW)
  • An incapacity benefit (e.g. WAO or WIA)
  • A sickness benefit (ZW
  • A survivor benefit from a country other than the Netherlands
  • Various other pensions or benefits.

If the benefit is more than € 1,204.39, you will not get an Anw survivor benefit.

Other types of income

If you receive a type of income that is not mentioned on this page, click the link below for other types of income.