Anw survivor benefit

Submitting a claim using your DigiD code

If you have a DigiD personal access code, you can submit your claim for an Anw survivor benefit quickly and easily via the internet. You will then hear from us within 8 weeks.

What do you need to submit a claim?

When filling in your claim online, you may be asked to add attachments, for example:

  • documents showing your income from enterprise or self-employment
  • documents showing your varying income (if you do not have a fixed salary)
  • proof of your late partner's residence or employment periods outside the Netherlands

At the end of the online form, you will be told what documents we need. You can attach these documents straight away or send them to us later.

NB: the files you attach may not add up to more than 8 MB. 

If you do not yet have a DigiD code, you can request one at Your activation code will be sent to you by post within 5 days.

Prefer a paper form?

If you would rather not submit your claim online, you can ask your SVB office to send you a paper form.