You are covered by social insurance in the Netherlands.

Below, you can find out what this means for you, and where you can get more information.

Anw survivor benefit

If you pass away, your spouse or partner may get an Anw survivor benefit. The amount payable depends on the amount of income they receive. If you have children under 18, your spouse or partner may also be entitled to a dependent child allowance.

  • More information about Anw survivor benefit

Child benefit and TOG care allowance

You can get child benefit for children under 18.

If you care for a disabled child living at home with you, you may be able to get a care allowance under the TOG scheme.

AOW old age pension

When you reach the AOW pension age, you will get an AOW pension. The amount you get depends on the number of years you have worked or lived in the Netherlands. You will not be entitled to a full AOW pension because you have lived and worked outside the Netherlands. If you want to receive a full pension, you can opt to pay AOW contributions retroactively.

  • Paying AOW contributions retroactively

AIO supplement

If your income is less than the minimum income, you may qualify for an AIO supplement.

Personal Budget (PGB)

If you need care due to illness or a handicap, you may qualify for a personal budget under the PGB scheme. You can use this budget to employ carers.

  • Personal Budget (PGB)

Remigration benefit

If you receive a remigration benefit and you return to the Netherlands, your remigration benefit will stop. In addition, you may have to repay the remigration grant.

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