The amounts on your annual statement

The various amounts on the annual statement are explained on this page.

Loon loonbelasting / volksverzekeringen - (Wages/salary for tax and national insurance contributions)

This amount is used for the calculation of tax and national insurance contributions. If you have received more than one pension or benefit from us, these amounts will be added together. 

If you receive a pension for former members of the resistance or a benefit for victims of war, you will receive a separate annual statement.

What do we mean by 'Loonheffing' (tax and national insurance contributions)?

'Loonheffing' consists of tax and national insurance contributions, which we forward to the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). If you live outside the Netherlands, whether we deduct tax and national insurance contributions depends on the country where you live.

Loon Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw) - (Wages/salary for Zvw health insurance contribution)

This is the amount used to calculate the Zvw health insurance contribution or the Zvw employer's deduction.

Zvw health insurance contribution

You pay a Zvw contribution on your AOW pension or AIO supplement. We deduct this amount and forward it to the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). 

If you live outside the Netherlands and the National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland, ZIN) has established that you are covered under the Dutch Health Insurance Act (Zvw), we have to deduct a Zvw health insurance contribution for non-residents from your Anw benefit.

Werkgeversheffing Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw) (Employer's deduction: Zvw health insurance contribution)

If you receive an Anw benefit, we will forward the employer's deduction for the Zvw health insurance contribution to the Tax Administration (Belastingsdienst).

Loonheffingskorting (wage tax credit)

The wage tax credit consists of a number of tax credits. If tax credits are applied, you pay less in tax and national insurance contributions. You can only have tax credits applied to one source of income.  

If it says 'ja' (yes) next to 'loonheffingskorting‘, that means that we have applied the tax credit at your request. If it says ‘nee’ (no), then we have not applied the tax credit.