AIO supplement

You are in a relationship but do not live with your partner

As a rule, if you enter into a relationship and you and your partner continue to live in your own separate homes, you will continue to receive AIO supplement at the rate for a single person. Your AOW-pension will not change either.

However, if you both have your own homes, the SVB will consider you to be living together if you and your partner:

  • are effectively living in the same home, and
  • both of you contribute to the household.

Contributing to the household is defined as follows:

  • contributing financially to the household expenses, or
  • taking care of each other in the household in some other way

Financial contributions refer to housing costs, living expenses and other expenses. The financial contributions must be substantial and be made with some regularity. Taking care of each other includes doing household chores, shopping, cooking, or taking care of each other in the event of illness. This care must also be substantial and be provided with some regularity.