AIO supplement

If your income goes up or down

A change in your income will affect your AIO supplement. If your income increases, you will receive a smaller AIO supplement. If your income falls, you will receive a larger AIO supplement. It is important to report changes in your income within 4 weeks so that we can make sure that you always receive the right amount.

If the amount of your AOW pension changes, for example, because you get divorced or start living with someone, the amount of your AIO supplement will also change.

How will a change in your income affect your AIO supplement?

You can work out yourself how a change in your income affects your AIO supplement. First, calculate your new income by adding up your AOW pension and all your other income. (NB: if you receive an AOW top-up, this will not count as income.)

Then, add up your partner's income, for example, wages, a benefit or a company pension. Finally, deduct the total amount of your and your partner's income from the guaranteed minimum income you are entitled to. The remaining amount is the amount of AIO supplement you will get.