AIO supplement

How much are you allowed to have in personal assets?

If you have a small income or no income at all, we will top up your AOW pension to the level of the minimum income, unless you have more than a certain amount in assets. There is a maximum amount that you are allowed to have.

  • € 6,120 if you live alone
  • € 12,240 if you live with a partner or a child under 18.

Personal assets can be savings and shares, (part of) the value of a car, jewellery, a holiday home, antiques or a caravan, for example. A holiday home abroad also counts as personal assets.

If you live in a bought house in the Netherlands, you may still qualify for an AIO supplement under certain conditions. You can find more information about this on the page about income and assets.

Above the limit for personal assets

If your assets exceed the limit, you will not get an AIO supplement.