AIO supplement

How much AIO supplement will you get?

If you do not receive a full AOW pension and you have little or no income in addition to your AOW pension, you can receive an AIO supplement. The amount of the AIO supplement will depend on your income (e.g. AOW pension, wages or a benefit), as well as your domestic situation (whether you live on your own, with a partner or someone else aged 21 or over.)

Different standard amounts for minimum income

There are different standard minimum income amounts for people who live with a partner and people who live alone.

As long as your and your partner's joint income is less than €1,492.93 net per month, you will continue to receive an AIO supplement.

If your joint income exceeds €1,492.93 net per month, you will not receive an AIO supplement.

In some cases, if another adult aged 21 or over lives at your address, he or she will be regarded as a co-resident, and you will receive a lower AIO supplement. The co-resident rule applies as from 1 January 2015.

Minimum monthly income from 1 July 2019 per domestic situation

Your situationstandard amount per monthholiday allowance per monthtotal per month
You live on your own€1,096.33€57.70€1,154.03
You live with a partner€1,492.93€78.58€1,571.50
You live with someone else aged 21 or overYou may receive a lower amount because you are sharing a house with a co-resident.

If your partner is not entitled to an AIO supplement

If you have a partner who is not entitled to an AIO supplement, for example, because he or she does not have a valid residence permit or is away from the Netherlands, the standard amount applicable for you will be 50% of the net minimum wage. As from 1 January, this is €785.75 per month. The standard amount will be reduced further if you have a co-resident living at your address.

Personal assets

If you own a house or have savings, your AIO supplement may be reduced. You can only get an AIO supplement if you have less than a certain amount in personal assets.

When will your AIO supplement be paid?

Your AIO supplement will be paid at the same time as your AOW pension.