You want to authorise someone to represent you

If you wish to authorise someone to act as your representative, they can also arrange your affairs for you online. You can authorise a representative with ‘DigiD Machtigen’ (DigiD Authorisation). 

You can choose the person you want to represent you. That person will log in with their own DigiD and can then act on your behalf. This means you will never have to give your own personal DigiD to someone else. 

When do you have to use our authorisation form if you want someone else to act on your behalf?

In some situations, you will need to use an authorisation form. For example if your representative:

  • requests information from us, either in person or in writing
  • gives information to us, either in person or in writing
  • needs us to send your post directly to them 
  • requests or wants to change or add to your personal details, in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 

If you want to act on behalf of a person who is legally incapacitated, they will not be able to authorise you. 

Instead, another person, for example their partner, child, brother or sister, can ask the court to appoint an administrator.