Applying for a DigiD from outside the Netherlands

What you need in order to apply for a DigiD from outside the Netherlands.

  • Dutch nationality or the nationality of another country of the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • a valid passport or identity card
  • registration in the Dutch Register of Non-Residents (RNI)
  • a Burgerservicenummer (BSN)
  • a mobile telephone that can receive text messages
  • an email address

You will have a BSN if you are registered in the RNI. If you do not have a BSN, select the situation that applies to you and read what you can do. 

  • You have never lived in the Netherlands
    Register in the RNI. You will then be given a BSN. 

  • You left the Netherlands after 30 September 1994
    You will already be registered in the RNI. You may find your BSN on old letters or documents. Or you can check with a Dutch municipality with an RNI service desk.

  • You left the Netherlands before 1 October 1994
    You will only have a BSN if you pay tax in the Netherlands. If not, you can register with the RNI to get a BSN.

Applying for a DigiD and collecting your activation code

  1. Apply for a DigiD via the DigiD website

    You can apply for a DigiD code via the DigiD website. You will then receive a service desk code by text message and email. You must take the service desk code to a DigiD service desk within 30 days, where you will get a letter with an activation code

  2. Collect your activation code from a DigiD service desk

    There are service desks both in the Netherlands and abroad. Not every country has a DigiD service desk. 

    NB: a number of service desks are closed due to COVID-19. First check whether the service desk in your area is open and whether you need to make an appointment. 

Applying for a DigiD if you receive or will soon start to receive an AOW old-age pension

If you receive an AOW pension or you have received a letter from us stating that you will soon start to receive an AOW pension, you can apply for a DigiD via My SVB.