Applying for an A1 certificate free of charge via TWinternet

It is easy to apply for an A1 certificate (certificate of coverage) online via TWinternet. However, this is only possible for companies based in the Netherlands

Be careful how you apply for an A1 certificate

You can apply directly to us for an A1 certificate and it will not cost you anything. There are companies that offer to apply for an A1 certificate for you, but they will ask you for money. That is not necessary. If you want an A1 certificate, always apply directly to us.

Before you can work with TWinternet, you will have to apply for an account. You can only do this if your company is based in the Netherlands.

To apply for an account, you will need:

  • your Chamber of Commerce number (KVK-nummer), and
  • your Chamber of Commerce branch number (vestigingsnummer), and
  • your payroll tax number
  1. Apply for an account

    You can apply for your account online.

  2. Choose your username

    You can choose your own username. Remember to keep it safe.

  3. Your password will be sent to you

    You will receive a letter with your password within a few days. Make sure you keep your username and password safe.

    If you forget your username or your password, we cannot give it to you. Instead, you can ask us to open a new account for you.

  4. You can now start making applications via TWinternet

    If you have any questions about TWinternet, see the list of FAQs that we have already put together.

If you forget your password or username, you must apply for a new account. You will have to choose a new username.

If your company is based outside the Netherlands, you can fill in a paper application form.