What happens if you have been made to work from home due to the coronavirus

The Dutch government has taken measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Many people have been made to work from home, sometimes also working different hours. For some, this could mean having to work in a different country than usual. 

If this applies to you, and you normally work across the border in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, it will not affect your social insurance. You do not have to do anything further.

When will your social insurance position change?

As an employee, your social insurance position will change if:

  • you did not have an employer and you start working for an employer in another Member State, or
  • you had an employer and you start working for a new employer who is based in another Member State

In these situations, you will be covered by social insurance in the country where you would normally be working if you had not been made to work from home.

Stay informed

If the current coronavirus measures are extended, resulting in a change in your social insurance after all, we will post the necessary information on our website.