Information meetings by the Bureau for Belgian Affairs (BBZ)

If you start doing business in Belgium, or if your employees start working in Belgium, a lot will change with respect to social insurance, including for sickness or incapacity. Your employees’ Dutch old‑age pension (AOW pension) may also stop growing.incapacity for work

More detailed information is given in our information meetings.

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We give information on social insurance, employment law and taxation using common situations such as when an employee is posted to work in another country, or when a person works in two or more countries. There is time for individual questions at the end of each session.

The information is presented by: 

  • advisers from the Bureau for Belgian Affairs (social security) 
  • the Cross-border Employment and Enterprise Team (GWO Team) of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Dutch and Belgian tax rules)
  • experts from Van Havermaet of Hasselt, Belgium (specific obligations when doing business in Belgium)

These meetings are for: 

  • employers 
  • self-employed persons 
  • agents 
  • payroll companies 
  • HR staff

If you are a member of the professional association for tax advisers (beroepsvereniging RB), you will receive Permanent Education (PE) credits when you attend an information meeting.

If you and your employees would like to receive individual information at a location of your choice, please contact us.

We are currently preparing 2 in-person information meetings and 1 digital information meeting to be held in October 2021. 

The in-person meetings will depend on the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at that time. 

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