What if my children can't go to childcare?

If your children can't go to childcare because of COVID-19, read about your rights here and see if you can get financial support in the form of an allowance.

Flanders has made the following arrangements for children who can't go to childcare because of COVID-19:

Childcare costs

Before 30 June 2020, parents did not have to pay for the days their children were unable to go to childcare. After 1 July 2020, childcare providers could choose to:

  • go back to the 'normal' arrangements in place before COVID-19, or 
  • continue with the compensation scheme until 31 August 2020 at the latest

Childcare providers will repay any payments they received for days during the COVID-19 restrictions when the child was absent. 

One-off payment of COVID-19 allowance

Families who faced financial difficulties due to COVID-19, with at least a 10% loss of income, could get a one-off support payment of €120 through ‘het Groeipakket’ (the Growth Package). Applications for the COVID-19 allowance could be made to FONS (the Flemish government agency that pays the ‘Groeipakket’) from 15 June to 31 October 2020.

The German government has decided to extend the wage compensation scheme as an extra support measure for parents during COVID-19. If you cannot work because your child’s school or childcare facility is closed and you have to look after your child at home,

you may be eligible for wage compensation from your employer for up to a maximum of 10 weeks. You will get 67% of your gross salary up to a maximum of €2016 per month. This scheme is for parents with children under 12. There is no age limit, however, for children who have a disability or need extra care. The compensation is payable as from 30 March 2020.

Due to COVID-19, most childcare facilities in the Netherlands were closed. The Dutch government asked parents to continue paying the costs of childcare during that period, even if they were unable to use it. 

If you get childcare benefit, you are entitled to a refund of your own contributions under the scheme ‘vergoeding eigen bijdrage kinderopvang’ (TTKO).

If you do not get childcare benefit, you can apply for an allowance called the 'tijdelijke tegemoetkomingsregeling kinderopvang zonder overheidsvergoeding (TTKZO)'.