Your holiday allowance will be paid on time

Despite the coronavirus measures, we are pleased that we can pay your annual holiday allowance together with your AOW pension for May, as usual. 

Your pension and holiday allowance will be paid by us on 20 May 2020. How long it takes for the payment to appear in your account will depend on your bank. 

If your partner also gets an AOW pension

Due to the vast number of payments to be made on 20 May 2020, they will not all go out at exactly the same time. If your partner also gets an AOW pension, one of you may receive your payment before the other. But the payments will be sent to both of you on 20 May.

What period does your holiday allowance cover?

You build up holiday allowance every month that you receive your AOW pension. The holiday allowance you get in May 2020 will have been built up between May 2019 and April 2020. 

If your pension started after May 2019, you will have built up holiday allowance from the commencement date of your AOW pension until April 2020.

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