Frequently Asked Questions about My SVB.

See the FAQs below. Choose a question and read the answer. 

All your messages sent via My SVB in the last 6 months (for example, to apply for a benefit or report a change) are shown under 'Statusoverzicht’ (Status report). You can also see whether we have started or finished processing your message.

You can upload and send us up to 20 documents via My SVB. Together, the documents must not be more than 8 MB. They must also be in JPG, JPEG or PDF format.

If you want to upload documents, you will need to have JavaScript installed in your web browser. You probably already have this. If not, your browser will ask to install it.

If there is a technical problem, there will be a message on our website. If there is no message, go to the page 'Will My SVB work on my computer, tablet or telephone?'. 

If you have a problem with your DigiD, go to the DigiD website.

My SVB works best with the most recent version of a browser. To make sure you are using the most recent version, set your computer, tablet or telephone so that it can receive automatic updates.