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Apply for a DigiD code and manage your SVB affairs online

A DigiD code allows you to manage your government-related affairs online. That includes your pension or benefit from the SVB. With a DigiD code, you can easily report a change or view your details.

If you live in the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands, you cannot apply for a DigiD code via www.digid.nl. You can apply for the code via our website, provided that:

  • you have received a letter from us stating that you will soon start receiving an AOW pension, or
  • you already receive an AOW pension
  • and you have a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) or SoFi number

You can also request a DigiD code at a service desk at various locations in the Netherlands.

DigiD machtigen

De SVB maakt nog geen gebruik van DigiD machtigen. Op dit moment werkt alleen de Belastingdienst met DigiD machtigen. Met DigiD Machtigen kan iemand anders uw zaken met de overheid regelen zonder dat u uw DigiD afgeeft. Dat kan door een persoon of organisatie te machtigen.



For child benefit, AOW, Anw and TOG. Here, you can submit a claim, report a change, or view your details. (Only available in Dutch)